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EHSSQ Policy

SABIC Agri-Nutrients located in Al-Jubail Industrial city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is engaged, integrated & committed  to operate our facilities in the manufacturing  of  Urea, Ammonia, 2-Ethyl Hexanol (2-EH), Di-Octyl Phthalate (DOP), Iso-butyraldehyde (I-BAL) , Technical Grade Urea (TGU), Urea Formaldehyde & compound Agricultural nutrients through.

  • Operate all facilities in safe and secure manner, pollution prevention from environmental impacts, occupational injuries, illness and protection of employees along with contractors, community and stakeholders.
  • Produce sustainable quality and safe products and provide constant maintenance to prevent equipment & performance failures. Further reducing risks and incidents related to products, services and operation through proficient, safe & cultured workforce.
  • Identifying training needs, addressing development of employee’s skills within their work in order to improve organizations performance fairly, rightfully and professionally.
  • Manage our business through SABIC value drivers and code of ethics.
  • Set and implement short and long-term objectives in view of the current and changing legislations, emerging global EHSS and feed safety issues, technical changes through continual improvement. Adherence to the plan of reliability, sustainability, responsible care codes guiding principles and stewardship, International Fertilizer Association Safety, Health, Environment and Security principles, promote openness with interested parties in line with 2030 vision through visible leadership engagement and committed workforce at all levels.
  • Meet the requirements of indigenous and external business partners. Use of sustainable resource, commit to the key performance indicators on greenhouse gases, climate change mitigation, adaptation, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Implement practical, cost-effective, enterprise risk management and robust Business Continuity Management System to address any major threat or incident that could interrupt with our business and; Protect the reputation of the company and its shareholders value of business Maintain continuity of quality , feed safety products and services to meet customers satisfaction by intimacy, transparency in dialog with applicable stakeholders.
  • Maintain an effective system to control emergency security & crisis management systems through regular drills, ensuring security compliance, increase awareness using means of active communication.